Making a difference

If we are successful people will:

  • be supported to live a healthy happy and fulfilled life, with the knowledge and resources to prevent ill health and maintain their independence at home;
  • find it easier to access the health and care services they need wherever they live and have more say over the services they receive and greater trust in their quality, effectiveness and safety;
  • receive appropriate and timely care when they need it, from skilled and valued staff.

In the strategy, we provide more detail about the differences we hope to achieve. These are described through a series of We and I statements.

Examples of the change partners and residents should expect to see over the next ten years are below. Please read the full strategy for more information.

We will be united, tackling health inequalities together in partnership with our residents and with the widest possible range of partners – strengthening ways of working and sharing resources where necessary.

We will have robust processes to make sure all partners feel valued with an equal voice and opportunity to achieve our objectives and that work is captured and reported in the right place at the right time. 

We will know what success looks like with a clear set of outcome measures and adapt our plans in line with what matters to local people and partners.

We will improve the health and care journey for local people through investing in prevention and creating ‘one front door’ for residents to access the vast majority of health and care services.

We will improve shared data and digital systems across the Partnership to make sure we are making evidence-based, insight-led decisions.

We will be open and honest about what is and isn’t going well, why and what we can all do to make things better.

We will adopt a ‘one workforce’ approach, making people feel more valued, empowered, developed, and respected to support recruitment and retention of our staff.

I understand my role in adopting and maintain healthy behaviours and I am able to be active, eat well, sleep well and maintain good mental wellbeing.

I understand the wider shared ambitions of the Integrated Care Partnership and team effort involved in supporting people to live in a healthy neighbourhood with a good home, good work or education, a good environment and a strong local community.

I know that all partners will be working to the same plan to achieve shared ambitions to improve population health and that progress on local outcomes will be regularly tracked and reported over the next 10 years.

I will feel my care is closer to home and more personalised.

I will see improvements in my health and care journey but not having to repeat my story and being supported to prevent ill health at an early stage so that I can stay healthy and independent for as long as possible 

I will know how I can engage with and contribute to the ongoing work of the Partnership.

All our local partners have contributed to the development of our first integrated care strategy. It is important it remains flexible and evolves with local needs. 

We want it to be a collective, central resource that is accessible by all, to enable everyone to be part of the work of the Integrated Care System going forward.

It is only through listening and working together that we will successfully make the change that will bring about the necessary improvements in the health and wellbeing of our population. 

Find out how you can get involved

The good folk who live and work in Essex aren’t concerned about which organisation or agency provides a service or how it is funded. Health visitor, school nurse, district nurse, social worker, doctor, consultant or pharmacist – NHS, local authority, voluntary sector, or private provider – jargon and acronyms, referrals processes and thresholds – These things are of little if any concern to residents. We are supporting the Integrated Care Partnership because we want to put all that to one side, and focus squarely on putting the resident first, ensuring they get the support they need to live healthy happy lives, and access to high quality services when needed. That will be the measure of success for us.

Nick Presmeg, Executive Director for Adult Social Care, Essex County Council