Our ambition

Throughout our strategy, we describe the desire to tackle the inequalities some communities face, together.

Inequalities are the avoidable differences in health and care outcomes that exist between different groups within our society. 

Tackling these differences is our shared ambition which we refer to as our “common endeavour”.

The ‘Common Endeavour’ which sits at the heart of our strategy, seeking to reduce health inequalities together, is a powerful statement of shared intent. But it’s the ‘together’ bit which holds the promise of making a real difference here. We really need to unite with communities, hearing their lived experiences and co-producing solutions which help them live long and happy lives.

Owen Richards, Chief Officer, Healthwatch Southend

To achieve this, we know it is not enough to do things differently; we need to be prepared to do different things.

We have set out our commitment to supporting personalised care through shared decision making, choice and self-management of health conditions.

We will need to work with all sectors within our health and care system in a new model of partnership, particularly those of our voluntary, community and charity sector.

And we know things work better when we act locally so we will support our local partnerships, including 27 primary care networks and four local alliances, to thrive.

Find out how we are already tackling health inequalities

The first 5,000

The first 5,000 households will be the initial focus of our “common endeavour” to tackle inequalities. We will identify priority families and individuals who experience the worst health and care outcomes across our 1.2 million population. A key focus will be supporting early intervention and prevention for some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

As a partnership we will work to:

  • Define who is in this group
  • Understand their needs
  • Develop and deliver collective action
  • Learn, collaborate and innovate